Parents Representatives

Parents representatives have been elected from our coffee morning meeting last term 2. They are willing to be approached should you need to talk to other parent about anything you wish to discuss.Please find below the representatives. They would love to hear from you. You can use the following email address to contact either one of them.

Representatives Profile
Coordinator and also Parents Rep for Teddy Bear and Butterfly Class: Polyn Bungalay-Helwend

'My name is Polyn Bungalay-Helwend. I was raised and educated in Australia having lived in the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, and most recently Western Australia. I moved to Bali early February this year with my husband, our 10years son Caden and Lochlan who is in Butterfly Class in Cheeky Monkeys. I am looking forward to an exciting year in Bali and especially here in Cheeky Monkeys'

Parents Rep for Dolphin Classes Nicole Gervasi

'My name is Nicole Gervasi! I am originally from melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have lived in Sanur , Bali for two years now. My eldest son Nicholas is 3 and a half and currently in Dolphin class. My youngest child Sophie is 1 and a half and just starting in Teddy Bear class. Previously to living in Bali we lived in Thailand'